Murray Orr


An Introduction

Me, myself and I.

Photo credit:  Kirsty MacLachlan

Photo credit: Kirsty MacLachlan

Hello, hello and welcome to the blog. Come in, sit yourself down and enjoy this new creative outlet that I'm attempting to pursue. For those who don't know me, my name's Murray and I'm a freelance photographer and videographer from Edinburgh, Scotland. Kinda funny that we identify ourselves by our jobs but hey, I guess that's what we do.

Straight off the bat I feel like I should give you a disclaimer - my ability to write is largely untested, spelling pretty poor and thought processes often incoherent so if you get lost reading somewhere along the way, this is why. Regardless, I'm giving this blog ting a bash in the hope that I can provide something of value and hopefully improve my skills along the way. So here goes.

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By this point you may be wondering what type of content I'm going to be publishing here. I realise that a lot of successful blogs tend to have a coherent 'theme' where they talk, for the most part, around a specific topic or industry and I've contemplated following suit but alas, could not decide. So instead I'd tell you that the content I post here will focus on my life and interests at any given moment - many of which I hope that you share and will thus find value in my commentary. 

There will of course be a large focus on travel, telling stories through photographs from around the world; behind the scenes from the various commercial projects that I've been lucky enough to work on; maybe a lil monthly favourites feature of things I've been enjoying (books, music, fashun etc) and posts talking about people and places that I feel deserve to be highlighted. 



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If this sounds like something of interest to you then great! Welcome aboard. Thanks for taking the time to read and I'll be back v soon with something more substantial.