Murray Orr


Part of a 50-strong collective of young creators from across the UK, responsible for the brand identity of VOXI by Vodafone. Working to monthly briefs developing fresh, forward thinking material for the brand's online presence.


This piece is called ‘Girl Gang’, focusing on the work of illustrator Alice Carnegie and the characters in her own ‘Girl Gang Universe’. The intention behind Alice’s work is to represent all types of women, their interests and what makes them unique - a message I feel is particularly significant in today’s society and is definitely worth celebrating.

Icy Exploration

Escapism for me is about getting away. A trip to the hills often does the trick. This piece explores that process, focusing on a recent hike up a narrow gorge in the Scottish Highlands. There’s nothing I find more calming than being in the depths of nature and experiencing that stillness.

Endless Adventures

This piece is dedicated to my good friend Jack Stark. He makes really beautiful music and I wanted to show how it brings people together, piecing together a bunch of outtakes of us messing around on location as we shot an acoustic set for his new EP.

Screen Shot 2017-12-12 at 10.39.14.png